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It's Time to Shine

It’s Time To Shine is a book about effectiveness that teaches Muslim women the game-changing, secret sauce of prioritising. If you are forever behind on your to-do list whilst your life goals seem to be uncontrollably slipping away, unlike other productivity books, It’s Time To Shine provides you with the most powerful time-multiplying techniques, concisely, in one place.

30-Day Islamic Parenting Checklist

Because children don’t come with a manual, it can be challenging to be a proactive, thriving parent. This is a simple, yet powerful, FREE checklist for parents, with gentle reminders and hands-on tips focused on quality interactions with your children. It is formulated keeping their spiritual well-being and best interests in mind.

Check Out This FREE Exclusive checklist. Don't Be Left Out!

Because your children deserve happiness in this world & the Hereafter.

'Effectivate' your life by doing less.

Prioritize what matters, step-by-step, to be calm, happy and extraordinary! 

Notebook with priorities
About Me

Assalamu alaykum and welcome to my home-on-the-internet!

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My name is Noor Rahman. I’m a student of knowledge, work-from-home mum, a blogger and a former teacher. I love learning and teaching!

If you feel stuck and lost because you have a million things to do and accomplish whilst you dream of living a calm, effective and happy life, don’t beat yourself up. There are ways to get your life in order and live a life of fulfilment. I’m here to help you towards this lofty goal. Let’s do it together!