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Welcome to Fectiv! :)


Assalamu alaykum. 🙂


Welcome to Fectiv, my fresh new blog about effectivity!


My name is Noor Rahman. I’m a student of knowledge and a mother of three lovely children.


I love learning and sharing information. For ages, the idea of writing or using other means to share information has been simmering at the back of my mind. Forcing myself outside my comfort zone and creating this blog has taken me from fear to excitement to (almost) euphoria.


I strongly believe in leading an effective life. It’s not about getting more done; it’s about prioritising and doing what really matters


If you feel stuck and lost because you have a million things to do and accomplish whilst you dream of living an effective life, don’t beat yourself up. I’ve been there too and I’m still learning. 


Effectivity doesn’t have to be intimidating or reserved for the ‘productive elite’. There are ways to get your life in order and live a life of fulfilment. I’m here to help you towards this lofty goal. Let’s do it together!


Through this blog:

  • I intend to share info about the deen, learning, productivity and business.
  • It would be great to change lives (maybe a little bit – don’t know how impactful my ‘information sharing’ is going to be).
  • Explore the possibility of creating a business through this.


Subscribe and follow this journey with me. You can expect at least one post from me every week in sha Allaah. Stay tuned!


Got any feedback? I welcome and appreciate your comments. 🙂


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