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The Muslimah Daily Routine

The Muslimah Daily Routine: How To Be A Successful Muslimah


Being a successful Muslim woman means balancing many different aspects of life. This includes practising Islam, raising children, maintaining a household and having a career (if it’s important to you). We’ll show you some ways to help you achieve all these things in this article.

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Sleep early. Wake up early.

If you’re looking to become more successful as a Muslimah, then you need to start by getting enough sleep. If you’re not used to waking up early, try starting your day by getting out of bed one hour earlier than usual. And for that, you should aim to go to bed at least 8 hours before you wake up if your prayer timings allow it. If not, you’ll have to get what you can at night and nap enough during the day to make up for it. Sleep can multiply what you can achieve in a day and help you get more done during your waking hours. 

Pray Tahajjud (if possible) and make plenty of Dua.

Praying Tahajjud can set the tone of your day in the right direction. While praying Tahajjud or in Fajr, you should spend some time making dua. Make sure you ask Allah to guide you in everything you do. Ask Him to help you with your studies, your job, your relationships, and your children. You’ve sealed the deal! Do this every day and see the blessings in your life multiply. Allah responds to everyone who calls on Him. So make duaa and fearlessly go after your dreams (halal ones only, please) and unlock them.

Start and finish your most important tasks in the morning.

The mornings are blessed. Always start your day with your most important priorities and you’ll get much more done than if you were to do them at any other time. Once the important stuff for the day is out of the way, you get more time to chillax. And who doesn’t want that!?

Declutter and keep your surroundings tidy.

It’s easy to let clutter build up in our homes. Even after ‘KonMari-ing’ our home multiple times, we often find ourselves (actually, my kids find themselves) with too much stuff and not enough space to put it all away. 

If you’ve never decluttered your home before, try decluttering your home once a week. There is no one way to declutter – different methods work for different people. We used ‘modified KonMari’. (It’s really the KonMari method with some changes.) Bottomline – clutter is just like calories. You need to bring in less and give away more until you reach the point you desire. 

Note that most people are unhappy with clutter and are happier after giving stuff away. You hardly ever regret giving. And most objects are replaceable anyway. Also, as Muslims, we never actually lose anything we give away. Whatever we give away will be found with Allaah. And we will receive way more in return, in sha Allaah. 

Many people give away stuff they haven’t used in 6 months. But I prefer to wait for a year. (The seasons come once every year.)

Learn about Islam every day.

Islam is at the centre of our lives. Due to all the ignorance and misinformation spreading around us, it is even more important for us to learn about our religion. Especially if we are parents, we need to make sure the knowledge we have is correct before we pass it on to our children and later generations (and also to answer our children’s unending questions). 

The ocean of Islamic Education is vast. Even if we spent all our time learning, we will still have so much more left to learn and implement. If you’re looking to learn more about Islam, there are several ways to start. One of the easiest ways to learn is to read authentic books written by credible Muslims. There are also plenty of online courses available at International Open University and AlMaghrib Institute.

My brain battery is kinda dying now. So, I’ll stop here.

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