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The Art of Judgement: A Conversation for Muslim Mothers


I wanted to talk about something that isn’t often discussed: the art of judgement. Now, I don’t mean the kind we may do in the grocery store when we see a child throwing a tantrum (we’ve all been there, haven’t we?). I’m talking about the judgement we exercise in our everyday decisions and interactions.


The Weight of Judgement in Islam


In Islam, judgement is a weighty topic. You may have heard the Hadith: “There are three types of judges; one who will go to paradise and two who will go to Hell. The one in paradise is the man who knows the truth and judges according to it. The man who knows the truth and is unjust in his judgement will be in Hell. And the man without knowledge who makes judgement for people will also go to Hell.” This Hadith, while directed at official judges, holds valuable lessons for us too.


At its essence, this Hadith tells us that truth and knowledge should be the basis of our decisions. This is a principle that’s as applicable to our daily lives as it is to a courtroom.


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Listening: The Key to Fair Judgement


In another Hadith, Prophet Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) advised a young companion, who was being sent to Yemen as a judge, to listen to both sides before making a decision. Isn’t this a powerful reminder for us, especially as mothers? How many times have we found ourselves hearing only one side of a story from our children before jumping to conclusions?


Conclusion: Applying the Art of Judgement in Motherhood


So, dear sisters, as we navigate through the day-to-day challenges of motherhood, let’s try to remember these lessons. Let’s strive to be just and fair in our decisions, listening to both sides before passing judgement. Let’s strive to make our decisions based on knowledge and truth, ever mindful of our ultimate goal to please Allah.


Remember, each moment of motherhood offers an opportunity for personal growth and spiritual advancement. And in the process of guiding our children, we end up learning so much ourselves. Isn’t that one of the beautiful mysteries of motherhood?


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May Allah guide us and grant us wisdom in our roles as mothers.


Until next time, dear sisters, 


Assalamu alaykum!

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