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🌟 Qur’aan Quirks: A Lighthearted Guide for Muslim Mamas 🌟


Hey there, super mommies! Today, we’re diving into a lighthearted and fun exploration of the Qur’aan, aka, we’re diving into some Qur’aan quirks! Let’s get ready to embrace the wisdom and beauty of this divine revelation with a smile on our faces and a deep appreciation for the guidance it offers. 


 1. The Qur’aan’s Got Your Back, Mama!


When life gets tough, and you’re juggling a million responsibilities, remember that the Qur’aan is there to guide you to what is most just (Soorah al-Israa’, 17:9). So when your little ones are squabbling over who gets the last cookie, let the Qur’aan be your spiritual referee!


 2. The Art of Listening: Qur’aan Style 👂


In a world full of noise, it’s important to stop and take a moment to truly listen. The Qur’aan teaches us that when it is recited, we should listen quietly and attentively (Soorah al-Aa‘raaf, 7:204). So next time you’re struggling to hear yourself think over the sound of your kids’ video games, remember that you can always improve focus by practising some Qur’aan-inspired quiet time! 

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 3. The Ultimate Mommy Multiplier 


We all know that being a mom requires multitasking like a boss. The Qur’aan has a little secret for maximizing your rewards. For every letter of the Qur’aan you read, you’ll receive ten good deeds (Tirmidhi)! It’s like the divine version of a BOGO sale! 😁


 4. The Prophet’s (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) Followers 🌟


The Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) was given the revelation of the Qur’aan as a sign of his prophethood. So, he hoped to have the most followers on the Day of Judgement (Bukhari 504). Because even when the miracles of the previous prophets end with them, the miracle of the Quraan lives on. As a Muslim mama, you’re already part of the coolest squad by being part of the ummah of Muhammad (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam), and you’re helping to raise the next generation of Qur’aan lovers!


 5. Divine Challenge 


The Qur’aan is a miracle in itself, and to prove its divinity, it challenges anyone who doubts it to produce something similar (52:34, 11:13, 2:23). If that’s not a mic-drop moment, I don’t know what is!


 6. Thoughtful Thursdays 💭


Remember, our thoughts about Allaah matter. As we believe, so we receive. So when you’re having one of those overwhelming “mommy meltdown” days, try to remind yourself that Allaah is with you when you remember Him (Muslim 6471). And one of the ways of remembering Allah is to recite the Quran. If you’re always there for your little ones, Allaah is there for you even more so.


🎉 Conclusion


So there you have it, Muslim mommies! A light-hearted reminder that the Qur’aan is not only a book of guidance, but also a source of strength and inspiration. Keep smiling, and let’s raise our little ones to be proud, quirky Qur’aan-lovers! 📖💖


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