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Title - Qur'aan Gems - Amongst some purple-pink gems

🌸 Qur’aan Gems: Some Fun For Muslim Mamas 💖


Hey there, lovely Muslim mamas! We all know that the Qur’aan is our ultimate source of wisdom and guidance, providing us with valuable lessons for our daily lives. But have you ever stumbled upon some fun, quirky and interesting verses that make your heart smile? Let’s dive into a lighthearted exploration of some hidden Qur’aan gems, perfect for sharing with our friends and family!


🐄Halaal Animal Adventures: Feeding Our Families Right🐟


As Muslim moms, we always strive to provide halaal food for our families. But have you ever wondered about the fascinating details behind what’s permissible? We know that pork is off-limits, but did you also know that we should avoid animals strangled to death, killed by a blow, or even partially eaten by wild animals? It’s a wild world out there, but our faith keeps us well-nourished and safe!


👗Fashion and Modesty: With Style and Grace 🌺


Allah has blessed us with clear guidelines for dressing modestly, instructing us to “only reveal from our adornment that which (normally) appears.” Meaning, the face and hands. But let’s be real, ladies – that leaves plenty of room for halal creativity! Whether you’re donning a coloured hijab or mastering the art of layering, there’s no reason you can’t be both modest and fashionable. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?


🌊Pearls and Coral: Dazzling Accessories🐚


Here’s a delightful tidbit to share at your next ladies’ gathering: Did you know that the Qur’aan describes the two seas from which pearls and coral emerge? So, the next time you accessorize with your favorite pearl necklace or coral bracelet, take a moment to appreciate their origins. Now that’s a conversation starter!


🙌Gazing at their Lord: Inspiring Faith in Our Little Ones 


As Muslim mothers, our goal is to raise our children with strong faith and love for Allah. One of the most beautiful verses in the Qur’aan tells us that believers will be “gazing at their Lord.” Just imagine the joy and serenity of that moment, and let it inspire you to continue nurturing faith and love for Allah in the hearts of your precious little ones.




In conclusion, the Qur’aan is a treasure trove of wisdom, guidance, and yes, even some delightful and precious verses that brighten our day. As Muslim moms, let’s continue to explore more Qur’aan gems and appreciate this beautiful gift of the Qur’aan from Allah, sharing its wisdom with our children and communities. Until next time, stay fabulous and faithful, ladies! 💕


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