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3 Islamic Ways to Easily Calm Your Crying Baby In Minutes, In Sha Allaah

Infographic Calm a Crying Baby Firstly, try to find the cause of their distress. Is it hunger? Is it sickness? Perhaps it’s a stomach ache? Don't pull your hair out. Allah knows the tests you’re dealing with and He is with you. “So be patient with gracious patience.” (Quran, Soorah 70:5) Ask Allaah to grant you and your baby peace, calmness and happiness. You can also recite ruqyah over your baby. Ruqyah is powerful. What you need: Problem-solving skills, some patience, extra duaa-making and trust in Allaah.

For mothers like us, it can be heart-wrenching to hear our babies cry and we want to do everything possible to calm our crying baby. 


According to data from wiley.com, infants cry for around 126 min each day. Yep. That’s how long a baby spends, each day, trying to convey their pain and inconvenience. 


Imagine we cried for that long each day, to convey our pain and anguish (because we are unable to speak), only to be met with an annoyed and irritated parent or caregiver. 


When my kids were babies, they usually cried because of a dirty diaper or because they wanted to be fed. Sometimes, it was because their diaper or clothes were too tight. But, I’ll never know for sure. Even the most genius of mothers can’t really decipher baby language perfectly.  (Can they?)



What to do when a baby or a child cries?


Children don’t cry for no reason. 


The following are some techniques and tips for parents to soothe a fussy baby.

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1. Find the cause

To get a baby to stop crying, we’ll first have to try and find the cause of their distress. Is it hunger? Is it sickness? Perhaps it’s a stomach ache?


  • First, check their diaper and fix matters there. All good?
  • Second, feed and burp them. Babies get hungry often.
  • Still crying? Check the tightness of their diaper and clothes. Sorted?
  • Contrary to what some people may say, I think it’s incorrect to allow a baby or a child to self-soothe or cry himself or herself to sleep. If your baby still won’t stop crying, you’ll need to rule out the possibility of a stomach ache or sickness. Use your digital thermometer to check his or her temperature and look for other signs of illness. Take him or her to the doctor, if needed.

Caution Regarding Shaking a Child While Trying to Calm Them Down: Shaking a child violently (whilst trying to calm them down, or otherwise) can affect his or her brain and lead to severe mental disability or even death. They could end up suffering from difficulty reading, ADD and other learning disabilities. Even throwing the child, especially an infant, up in the air and catching him can lead to the same damage.

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2. Have patience

As you try to handle your baby and cope with the situation, sometimes, it can get annoying and you might even want to pull your hair out. Try to stay calm and be patient. 

Crying is the only way for babies to express their needs. Children also tend to cry to relieve tension, anger or grief. Not crying may suppress this tension which may manifest through other psychological issues like anxiety and aggression when they grow up.

Of course, building patience is not easy. But, Allah knows the tests you’re dealing with and He is with you. And He will reward you.

“So be patient with gracious patience.” (Quran, Soorah 70:5)

Bonus: As you show patience, your children will also learn the virtue of patience from you. 

You can do this!

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3. Make duaa and recite ruqyah.

Duaa is always answered in the best of ways. So, ask Allaah to grant you patience, ease and happiness. A parent’s duaa for his or her child is never rejected. Ask Him to grant your baby peace, calmness, protection from the evil eye, from the Shayateen and from anything and everything else that might disturb him or her.

You can also recite ruqyah over your baby. Ruqyah is very powerful.



Calming a crying baby is not easy. But, through practicing the art of staying calm, having patience, thinking clearly and doing the right thing, you will be able to handle the situation very well, in sha Allaah. 

And don’t forget to make duaa. Always.


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