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7 Easy Steps to Craft Your Ideal Muslimah Routine

4 easy steps to craft your ideal muslimah routine


You’ve tried it all. People share their daily routines and it’s inspiring. So you try to follow the same but it doesn’t always work for more than a few days. If this is the case, then it’s because you haven’t realised that they’re sharing what works for THEM. And you’ll need to craft your OWN effective Muslimah routine that suits your needs and works for YOU. 


Let me show you how.


Infographic - easy steps to craft your ideal muslimah routine

1 – Open a Google spreadsheet. And list the 24 hours of the day.

2 – Block and lock the salaah times for the 5 prayers. Non-negotiable. Adjust these blocks monthly as the salaah times move.

3 – Block your sleep hours away. It’s sunnah to sleep right after ishaa. Sleeping well also sets you up for success and you’ll be able to stick to your routine for the day more easily. Ideally, sleep at the same time as the kids and wake up before them.

4 – Block time for personal hygiene like brushing your teeth, showering, etc.

5 – Block the times for doing your other responsibilities as a daughter, wife and mother. For example, laundry, tidying, driving the kids to school, etc.

6 – Schedule a nap time somewhere in the middle of the day.

7 – You can now use the remaining time to schedule whatever else is on your list of priorities. For example, blogging, learning Arabic, etc. Because the mornings are blessed, schedule your most important tasks for the earliest times of the day and try to complete them before noon. 

And, that’s it! Your simple and easy routine is in place.

Some points to note:


  • If your routine seems overwhelming, start with fewer items. As your most basic priorities become a habit, add more.
  • If you want, you could have a different routine for every alternate day and/or a different one for your weekends. Try to stick to the same sleep hours even during weekends. Sleep hours ideally shouldn’t move except to make way for when salaah times move.
  • I’m not a fan of multitasking but it does pay off to merge some tasks that can be done together. For example, you could listen to a useful audiobook while you go walking in the afternoon/evening.
  • Keep experimenting, switching things up and moving things around until you perfect your routine. Your values and ambitions dictate your own unique routine. Don’t compare your routine with other women – some things are more important to you than to them. And what’s important to them may not be important to you. You do you, girl!
  • If you have younger children, accept that following a routine will not be easy. Youll need a more flexible and forgiving routine – maybe something that works more like a to-do list? Get the kids involved in everything in your routine according to their age and abilities. When you’re doing the laundry, teach the kids to fold clothes. When its time to tidy up, encourage the kids to tidy up and show them how. Treat disturbances like they’re an interesting break.
  • Things can and will get out of hand sometimes, and it’s ok. Nobody has a 100% score on sticking to their routine (unless they are a robot and even robots can malfunction). KNOWING beforehand that unpredictable happenings could disrupt your flow and take you off course will keep you mentally prepared. Learn from the ‘slip’, forgive yourself and move forward. 

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